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The advancement in technology has seen the trading in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins and other alternative coins across the world. Cryptocurrency is an encrypted decentralized digital currency transferred between peers and confirmed in a public ledger. The electronic money protects transactions while hiding the identities of its users.

Given the successes chalked with the advent of cryptocurrencies in countries such as The US, Denmark, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Australia among others, the zeal to trade in Cryptocurrencies in Africa and for that matter Ghana has been on the upsurge.

Individuals, Organizations, and Financial institutions are going all out to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies to derive the benefit that comes with it.

In as much as efforts are being made to incorporate cryptocurrency trading, much has not been achieved with respect to knowledge acquisition and education on the subject of cryptocurrency. This has left potential traders and investors with lots of unanswered questions on the Subject.

Realizing the impact of trading in Crypto space to Socio-Economic Development. A book has been launched to give potential traders and investors firsthand information about cryptocurrency.

The book “CRYPTOCURRENCY, the dawn of the new age” is authored by Nick Owusu an expert in cryptocurrency, Entrepreneur and Chief Executive of Nick Owusu International Limited.  Nick Owusu takes readers through a step by step introduction to the world of cryptocurrency, wealth creation, the process of trading in cryptocurrency with smartphones, tablet or desktop, how to set up bitcoin wallets, buying crypto assets among other useful information on cryptocurrency space.

At the launch of his new book on  Cryptocurrency in Accra, Mr. Owusu who gave a brief insight about the book said “cryptocurrencies though having some features as traditional money is more than currencies” He said crypto markets are going mainstream and gaining wider acceptance and becoming easier and safer to invest by the day.

He added that that most of the world’s money will soon come to the crypto market and seeking higher yields. “The time is ripe to gather momentum to trade in cryptocurrency and be part of the Booming asset class” he observed. Mr. Owusu said by acquiring the book, readers will unravel the myth, reality and the allure of the cryptocurrency which will propel them to fulfill their dreams of understanding and trading in cryptocurrency.